The Composer/Arranger Book:

What People Say…

Every aspect of composing and arranging is examined in great detail supported by more than 600 diagrams and musical examples. In one of the most comprehensive and wide-ranging studies of its kind ever written, the text of this book moves from basic principles to advanced techniques with an authority drawn from over 50 years of professional experience.

There are now three reading experiences:
1) ‘Standard’ Kindle,
2) Kindle Fire/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop with audio samples and hyperlinks
3) Paperback.

The ‘Standard’ Kindle edition also has a page ratio to suit Tablets and phones.


Click below for an instant preview. No need for an app.

Tablets/Laptops/Desktops and Kindle Fire tablets (3rd generation and above) (With MP3 audio files):

This unique educational aid is one of the very first of a new generation of interactive ebooks. The original manuscript was 6 years in preparation and then presented in its extended form. The first two editions sold to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world and attracted many favourable testimonials.

This audio version has hyperlinked contents and page references.
Capable of on-screen projection. 266 MP3 audio files playable right off the page. No CD required..

FREE 45 page big band jazz score included.

File size 103 MB.

To view or download the eBook click on the link below:

The Composer/Arranger (Download)


Some people still like the look and feel of a physical product, which can also be a useful idea for a gift.

First published in 2000, the third edition of our acclaimed book is now online at Amazon with 319 US Letter size pages and more than 600 musical examples. FREE 45 page big band score included.

To view or purchase this book click on the link below:

The Composer/Arranger


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