Music audio/visual tool

The new digital download version with a file size of 103 MB is now available at Amazon This edition has 266 MP3 examples playable right off the page – no CD required – and hyperlinked contents and cross references in the text. Books in this format can also be projected on-screen during lectures, together with sound.

The much-requested Kindle version is also now available at Amazon.
This edition resembles the paperback but with the popular Kindle T.O.C. replacing the Contents and Index.

The Composer/Arranger has quite a history. 

The Composer/Arranger is arguably the most comprehensive book of its kind ever written with over 300 US Letter-size pages crammed with information and and more than 600 illustrations.

It was first published, in 2000, on CD ROM, presented in a jewel case and plastic CD book pack with full colour, wrap-around jacket. It may well have been the first book of its kind sold that way.

The book was purchased by some of the most prestigious colleges and universities on Earth and attracted many favourable testimonials.

That edition was revised and extended in 2006.

A paperback edition was introduced on Amazon in 2012. It has a comprehensive list of contents but some lamented the lack of an Index – so we added one in the current edition, published November 2018. There were other revisions, too, where the book was brought up-to-date, especially regarding the changes in music software (a lot can happen in 18 years).

The previous cover design featured a video still created by BassShapes, an audio-reactive animation program, downloadable from

This program accepts live audio input which can be projected on-screen at discos and parties. Sounds like fun.

This cover has since been replaced by a new design.

The illustration below is taken from the Orchestration Chapter of the book:

A FREE 45 page big band score is included* set on the ’50s West Coast. This composition is presented as an example of solid ensemble, section and rhythm section writing.

Here is a link to the YouTube file:

*Not included in the Kindle version


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