Preparing scores in Logic Pro: an afterthought

In the original article, when discussing the tendency for notation programs to transfer pan and volume (etc.) data, I omitted to mention (something many will already know about) that selecting Human Playback in Finale will cause the program to transfer the markings and articulations over to the Daw. Since upgrading to OS Mojave on my Mac, Finale has ceased to be a fully-functioning program so I am unable to test the procedure but two things come to mind: Firstly, it takes far longer (in my experience) to assemble a score in Finale than in MuseScore so the time advantage is reduced (if not cancelled-out) and, secondly, once music is taken into the DAW it becomes a whole new ball game and I know I would not be satisfied to accept the result without creating a fresh ground-up mix.

Comparisons between notation programs often invoke protests from users all claiming that their program of choice is the best. Because of the pressures of working deadlines, composers will always have a tendency to stick to the devil they know so that few will have detailed familiarity with more than one program. The writer has used Encore, MuseScore and Finale in a career involving a switch from ‘pencil-scores-and-ink-orchestral-parts’ to notation software in 1994.


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