An attempt to increase their versatility and usefulness “Not another push-pull pedal system?” This is a schematic presentation of an idea for a pedal-powered propulsion system that has shown itself to be capable of producing up to 1500 rpm, before the addition of the propeller(s) and drive system. One of the most common means of […]

Change changes

Although a musician’s life is rightly concerned with producing and playing music, musicians will occasionally wonder what it all really means. This subject continues to be important, chiefly because of the emphasis placed on ‘creativity’ in schools and colleges. Using a term that no one really understands to describe something that might not exist, if […]

Dodecaphonic music

I met trombonist Milt Bernhart* some years ago and learned that, even at the pinnacle of his career, he would take trombone lessons whenever he was home from touring. I was impressed by this and noted that humility is an essential part of learning and progress. My own career has involved writing music in a […]


Which teacher had the most influence on your life? In my case there were two; a primary school teacher and my grammar school art teacher. The primary school teacher taught me to be a gentleman but it was my art teacher who had the most effect on my later life as a musician. He noticed […]

Mind your own business

This is the second blog to wear the above title. The relevance of the title becomes clear as I again question my ideas. The point is, I’m a musician, not a philosopher, or a musicologist, even. But you don’t spend a lifetime engrossed deeply in a subject without wondering what it all really means. Plus, […]

Creativity and free will. Was I wrong?

In the book I express my concerns regarding too much emphasis on so-called ‘creativity’ in our working methods and approach to the subject of composition, mainly because of my acquired knowledge that nothing new can enter the Universe. Instead, I maintain, ‘creativity’ involves the regurgitation of acquired complexes, especially the influences we are exposed to […]