What people say….

“I found the book very absorbing and have learned a great deal from it. It has a practical directness that gives the text a considerable advantage. I wish the project every success.”
M Gerratt Consultant Music Editor, London, England.

“This is great stuff – not a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but specifics on what a good writer should be considering. Congrats”
Lee Marcum
MA University of North Texas – Jazz Composing and Arranging

“Excellent content. I am quite an old hand at arranging, but there are some interesting and very informative articles in these books… this volume provides the best all-in-one instruction I have seen…and my shelves are bursting with arranging and composing books.”
Tony Jack Northampton, England.

“When my company staged a musical show at the Royal Albert Hall, London, to celebrate the 75th birthday of the Cancer Research Campaign…John Morton was once more asked to write the music. I am sure his book will be full of useful advice.”
Verna Mann, MBE Author, director and choreographer.

“To say that this wonderful book represents value for money would be one of the boldest of understatements. Every one of its considerable number of pages is simply chock full of practical and immediately applicable advice, dealing with aspects of form, rhythm, melody, harmony, orchestration and many other aspects besides…It is clear that John Morton has deep and extensive hands-on experience of his subject…I learned more in a first skim of Morton’s book than I have picked up from many other publications.This book is a generous, open and ambitious undertaking from somebody who clearly knows his stuff, both as writer and performer…If you are serious about your writing, curious about ideas and keen to improve, you should also keep a copy close at hand.”
N O’Neill Composer in Residence, Parliament Choir

“First of all, as a self-taught arranger, I would like you to know that I am very pleased with this book – I am working steadily through a first reading….It is very well written and presented and really excellent value for money!”
Michael Jamieson Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland.

“I think the book is great. Very clear and easy to understand.”
Federico Gonzalez Adolphi Argentina.

“This book is a must for anyone interested in jazz composition/arranging. John Morton has put a lifetime’s experience in 319 US letter size pages of priceless information. The book covers every concept required to produce original compositions and arrangements. Many fresh ideas, not found in other books, will inspire the reader. It’s hard to believe that all of this information is available for such a small price. I advise anyone interested in this subject to invest in this work.”
John Hughes MD Walsall Jazz Orchestra

“I am a composer of classical, world, and experimental music. While having composed music for many years, as well as being well-educated in many styles of music, I found the Composer/Arranger to be a wonderful resource. The author explores the multifaceted nature of music composition, including theory, writing techniques, orchestration, multiple styles (both western classical and jazz are represented here) and countless other components to writing music. The experienced composer may find certain sections to be review, but the truth is that even the most prolific composer could be introduced to new approaches of writing. I highly recommend this resource for anyone serious about their composing career.”

“The Composer/Arranger is one of several texts on jazz composition and arranging that have appeared in recent years. Having just read…it was with great interest that I picked up John Morton’s volume…Morton’s book has understandably been used by prestigious colleges and universities around the world. Clearly informed by 50 or more years of practical experience, the book is a comprehensive overview of the technical and practical issues behind composition and arranging…”

“The Composer/Arranger was a nice surprise! The book holds all the information that multiple books I used during my music school days had – theory, counterpoint, composition, and orchestration – but without the dryness. The author clearly has a lot of knowledge and experience, and his understanding of how music works and how instruments sound best make this book valuable to any composer. I love this book!”
Thorne Palmer

“I highly recommend this book to any composer/arranger in the jazz field and beyond”.
Anatholi Bulkin Swedish jazz guitarist.
“Number one of ten jazz guitarists to watch out for in the future” – JAZZIZ magazine.